Keeping Your Amphibians 
Healthy and Happy


Like their cold-blooded counterparts, amphibians can make amazing pets. From the visually stunning dart frogs, to the ever popular pacman frogs, and more unique animals like salamanders some basic elements of care will ensure your amphibians remain healthy and happy. Keep in mind that amphibians tend toward being more delicate than reptiles. While both are sensitive to their environment, the moisture needs of amphibians make them even more connected to their surroundings. This means that in general, many amphibians require more thorough care than reptiles and some are more difficult to keep properly. 

At Animal Attraction we will always strive to guide you not only in the proper ways to care for an amphibian, but also in what you can expect from the species we offer. We are well versed in keeping things simple and fun, or in creating more elaborate involvement in the hobby. This page is intended to offer you some key tips in caring for an amphibian successfully. Keep in mind that while they are kept very similarly to reptiles, subtle and key differences do exist.





      Things that Must be Maintained and Monitored   

-Proper day and night time temperatures.
-Proper temperature gradients.
-Proper humidity levels.
-Clean Water
NOTE: Never use chlorinated water. Distilled water
or spring water is best.
-Adequate Spectrum Lighting (UVA/UVB).
NOTE: Many Amphibians do not require and may
even be harmed by UVB light.
-Routine change of substrate and cleaning.
-Spot cleaning of feces.
-Proper feeding schedules.
-Routine Vitamin and Calcium Supplements.


As with reptiles, always do thorough research about the animal you want to keep. As frog, toads, and the like come from a wide variety of environments across the earth, their needs in captivity vary tremendously. Being successful means knowing as much as you can and making sure your knowledge comes from a credible source. Contact us today with any questions you have about amphibians!