Keeping Your Reptiles
Healthy and Happy

Reptiles can make for truly beautiful and fun pets. Before getting started setting up your first enclosure, decide what you are most interested in. Are you looking for an easy keeper or an animal that requires a great eye for details? Perhaps you're intrigued by the vibrant personalities of lizards, or the eye catching beauty of snakes.  There are endless possibilities both in terms of animals and their enclosures. Always familiarize yourself with the needs of the animal you are interested in keeping.

At Animal Attraction we will always strive to guide you not only in the proper ways to care for a reptile, but also in what you can expect from the species we offer. We are well versed in keeping things simple and fun, or in creating more elaborate involvement in the reptile hobby. This page is intended to offer you some key tips in caring for a reptile successfully. Moreover, many of the animals we carry are hard to come by any place else.

                         Things that Must be Maintained and Monitored           

-Proper day and night time temperatures.
-Proper temperature gradients.
-Proper humidity levels.
-Adequate Spectrum Lighting (UVA/UVB)
-Routine change of substrate and cleaning.

-Spot cleaning of feces.
-Proper feeding schedules.
-Routine Vitamin and Calcium Supplements





When it comes to reptiles, keep in mind: One size does not fit all. Research the needs of the specific species you plan to keep and double check the information you get to make sure it comes from a credible source. The first key to your success is knowing as much as you can about the type of reptile you are planning to keep. 

One of the first decisions is whether or not your enclosure will contain artificial or live plants. While live plants do offer benefits to humidity and help your substrate filter waste, some species or reptiles can be hard on live plants and ultimately kill them.